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#Iliza Monteforte

Iliza Monteforte Couch Encore

Since her debut was so well-received, here is a tasty encore of Iliza. Just kidding, it was my plan all along. I like to keep you guys guessing. We can’t be too predictable, ya’know? Yes, there will be more of her in the future. Stay orange. SUBSCRIBE to view the full photos in this gallery.

#Iliza Monteforte

Iliza Monteforte Burn Your Couch

Introducing Iliza Monteforte. Her couch might be half-destroyed, but her personality is pristine. She lives near a big university in Florida and has a bunch of wild roommates that like to party. I am sure their landlord has already gambled away the security deposit. When you have a college girlfriend like Iliza, you don’t sweat …