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#Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones Miami Pies

Hello everyone, thanks for being here. So I didn’t get a chance to write my notes to the last update, but it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. The bonus video was added and that was the most important delayed element. As for Kelsey Jones, I must speak my piece. This person is a scoundrel. She’ll …

#Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones Miami Air Supply

‘Welcome to Miami, bitch’ is what Will actually told Chris right before his infamous slap. And now I understand. Miami plays by its own rules. It is in America, but barely. Surprisingly, this was my first time shooting in the city. Kelsey was around and finally without those cursed lash extensions, so I said “let’s …

#Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones She Cryin’

I have not photographed many black women, but when the right opportunity has presented itself, it has been amazing. Kelsey Jones is a very fun and easygoing person for possessing such exceptional looks. She arrived wearing “nothing special” by her standards, but for me was perfect. I am willing to photograph any beautiful woman of …