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#Miki Pedangen

Miki Pedangen Repping Joss

A marketing executive from Joss Industries hit me up last October requesting photographs of Miki Pedangen in one of their suits. I had them ship over a few in her size along with a hefty advance. Sadly, Joss paid in FTX token and all was for naught. However, with their permission, I am now able …

#Miki Pedangen

Miki Pedangen Hey She Tried

Hello, Audience. I come to you today with an exquisite female named Miki Pedangen. She just started her university and works at an Italian restaurant. Miki’s friends advised her to try modeling. Miki has smart friends. Will she ever model nude? I dunno. But I, for one, am down with her teasing. Stay jolly. SUBSCRIBE …

#Miki Pedangen

Miki Pedangen Beauty Is Divine

Over the last couple of months, I have exhausted much effort into acquiring hardware for mining cryptocurrency. It is a pain to say the least. Everyone is trying to middle-man each other and this creates an insane demand over a limited resource. When it comes to value, scarcity is everything. So if you think this …