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#Samadhi Amour

Samadhi Amour Souper Soakers 2

Back with a sudsy encore and a 5-minute bonus video. I have heard it said that the simple viewing of naked voluptuous women can add years to the human male’s life expectancy. In that case, we must thank Samadhi Amour and her friend, Alina, for contributing this update to Zishy. I look forward to growing …

#Samadhi Amour

Samadhi Amour Souper Soakers 1

I love you, Samadhi. I will do anything for you. I will eat ramen to afford the costly water bills resulting from your daily soaks. I will smile as I wipe my b-hole with the soggy toilet paper which you precariously store on the edge of our tub. I will giggle like a schoolgirl when …

#Samadhi Amour

Samadhi Amour Keeps Em Warm

Samadhi Amour. What an odd name. One day I might Google it and find out what it means. Not today though. Today I am concerned with more important matters. I am focusing on my breathing. Cold air in. Warm air out. That sure does feel good. What would you feel in the presence of Samadhi? …