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#Ira Sedina

Ira Sedina Nice Socks 1

Ira Sedina is back, but this time I promised her that we would do something more mainstream and less erotic. These women aren’t just sex objects, guys. So I explained to Ira that this session would be all about the fashion–the contrast between elegant underwear paired with colorful, playful socks. Nothing scandalous. Nothing smutty. 100% …

#Valya Easton

Valya Easton My Condolences

In a chemically altered state of consciousness, I have decided to bring you this video without any editing. These are the clips just as I received them. Let me know in the comments what you think. I was looking for video on Reina, but realized there wasn’t much from the night of that pizza date. …

#Reina Rae

Reina Rae Girls and Pizza

Girls are like pizza. If you haven’t had any in a while, it sounds like an irresistible treat. Once you do get some, you have to take it slow. If you rush, you could end up hurting yourself (pizza mouth). One slice, “Ooh baby”. Another, “yum”. Another, “yessir”. Another, “I’m starting to get full”. Another, …

#Vonnie Bean

Vonnie Bean Shoppy Beans

This remarkable woman is back to grace us with a new hair color. I just can’t get over how photogenic Vonnie Bean’s face is. I bet she could have won a few beauty pageants when she was growing up. I was also an adorable child. I worked the pageant circuit for a few seasons, but …