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#Alevtina Batman

Alevtina Batman Smoke Show

Alevtina is back and smoking as always. This is a continuation from her previous update and includes a 4+ minute bonus video. It is rare to encounter such a natural performer like Ms. Batman. Home run is an understatement. She sends it into orbit. SUBSCRIBE to view the full photos in this gallery.

#Alevtina Batman

Alevtina Batman Returns

Alevtina Batman is one of the women that I show to potential models before a shoot. Her willingness to interact with the camera is exemplary and instinctual. She brought me to her local health food store for a quick bite. Then, Alevtina showed me around her neighborhood in Moscow. Generally, when I visit this part …

#Alevtina Batman

Alevtina Batman Wait A Minute

Another entry into the ZishTok video series. This one is from a beautiful person that goes by the interesting name, Alevtina Batman. She gave me the unfortunate news that she contracted the coronavirus subsequent to making this video. I am not too worried. Alevtina is young, healthy, and only has mild symptoms after eight days. …

#Alevtina Batman

Alevtina Batman Do You

Alevtina Batman. Remember her? She battled covid shortly after submitting a Zishtok dance video earlier this year. Thank heavens she survived. You can ask a person to act crazy in front of a camera, but it is always better when you do not have to. SUBSCRIBE to view the full photos in this gallery.