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#Arina Bik

Arina Bik I Wish You Could Feel This

Here are some Easter eggs from Arina Bik. Our contributor here decided to lean more towards an artistic/studio look. As I evolve as a photographer, I am further convinced that there are no rules to color or lighting. What does the image feel like? That seems to be the most important question. This can also …

#Arina Bik

Arina Bik Sucker For Red

Let us return to Russia with our contributor, Vika, and her model/friend, Arina Bik. On this cloudy day in Moscow, they take us shopping and out for a bit of adventurous street flashing. Now, perhaps I did jump the gun by investing my life savings into Bitcoin last year. But my children seem bright enough. …

#Arina Bik

Arina Bik Better Red Than Ded

This is Victoria Minina’s first contribution as a photographer. She might not have the ideal gear or a ton of experience, but her comprehension of aesthetics is undeniable. Victoria also loves risky fun, which is essential for Zishy. Her redheaded model, Arina Bik, has legitimate fashion modeling chops and lives in Moscow. Arina is far …

#Arina Bik

Arina Bik Has Red Marks

Here is part two of Zishy contributor/model Vika’s rendezvous with Arina Bik. Redheads like Arina are rare and precious gems, difficult to find in every region of the planet. Don’t be smart and bring up Scotland, I’m not going there. I saw Braveheart. The place seems about as dangerous as Afghanistan. Too soon? I have …