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Gia Ohmy Pretzel Buns Only

Sure, she’s not the type of girl you want to marry. Gia Ohmy would probably have you volunteering for the Foreign Legion weeks after tying the knot. But the first few nights would be bliss. How could they not? Gia has curves that theoretical physicists have trouble explaining. And in actuality, She might very well …

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Gia Ohmy In Bacon Charms

My absolute almost favorite model is back. This is when Gia Ohmy took me to one of her regular West Palm Beach eateries. We were eventually kicked out, but it was fun while it lasted. Apparently, a strict rule of theirs is to limit the use of the bathroom to one person at a time. …

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Gia Ohmy In Holiday Jammies

I could never leave you hanging on Christmas. Here is Gia Ohmy in her new holiday pajamas. She really wanted to take some pictures in them. I wanted to take some photos without. We made a deal. Gia is fun to toke with. Now off to Grandma’s to try and not look stoned to the …

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Gia Ohmy Mercedes Bunz

I am back with a wonderful update featuring Gia Ohmy. Sure, she has tried to have me canceled, but I still like her. The problem was that I was slow as molasses getting her copies of the content we shot together, which oddly I am under no obligation to do. This filled her sweet little …