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#Hanna Nasochi

Hanna Nasochi Happy Baby Pose

Just put together an 11-minute edit from the video footage made available of Hanna Nasochi. Due to the sheer length, I decided to make it a standalone update. The first half is from her early pregnancy and the second half is recorded closer to her due date. It is great to see Hanna maintain the …

#Hanna Nasochi

Hanna Nasochi Brings Life

As mentioned previously, Hanna Nasochi is expecting and we are given the privilege of observing her transformation. Sure, this strays from typical Zishy content, but I am confident that several of you will still appreciate it. One of the founding principles of this site was to keep it interesting, especially for myself. While sticking to …

#Hanna Nasochi

Hanna Nasochi Has Good News

Sometimes I tell the contributing photographer to just have fun. It appears that is what happened here with Alina and Hanna Nasochi. It looks convincing. They venture out on a snowy night to bring us shots in public, then take us back to Hanna’s home where she lets us in on some important news. She’s …