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#Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart Them Apples 2

Here is part two of Hazel’s finale. She makes Mexico proud. It is difficult to find such a natural wonder that also has little to no sexual inhibitions. When you encounter a special woman like Hazel, you gotta be damn sure you treat them well. But equally important, make sure you send them my way. …

#Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart Them Apples

And now comes a sizzling finale with Hazel Heart. She is spectacular in so many ways. If you don’t like her, do not comment. Do not pass go. Simply report to your nearest rubber factory. You should be made into flip flops. Thank you. Part two includes video. Xtra also coming. SUBSCRIBE to view the …

#Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart Come As You Are

This is another one of my ‘come as you are’ updates where I photograph the subject in exactly what she arrives in. Women like Hazel Heart do not need to doll themselves up to look amazing. Sometimes the contrast of casual, at-home attire on a stunning, natural beauty is all that is necessary. But what …

#Hazel Heart

Hazel Heart Tacos For The Wynn

First off, there will be more to come of this incredible Hispanic beauty. Hazel Heart is a lot of fun and carries herself very candidly. You can believe her when she gives a shining review of Tacos El Pastor. Apparently, there is a taco cartel war being fought on the Las Vegas Strip. Tacos El …