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#Ira Sedina

Ira Sedina Nice Socks 1

Ira Sedina is back, but this time I promised her that we would do something more mainstream and less erotic. These women aren’t just sex objects, guys. So I explained to Ira that this session would be all about the fashion–the contrast between elegant underwear paired with colorful, playful socks. Nothing scandalous. Nothing smutty. 100% …

#Ira Sedina

Ira Sedina Moscow Privilege Pt1

She is crazy beautiful and loves having attention thrown her way. That is the only reasoning I can come up with for these captured moments in time. Although this is a mostly-clothed set of Ira Sedina, I believe many of you will still be able to appreciate it. Moscow’s Red Square is a marvel. There’s …

#Ira Sedina

Ira Sedina Is Serious Sorta

Words, words, words, words. I’m sure you really want to hear what I have to say. I make elegant sentences. I pose interesting questions. I often use proper punctuation. Or maybe you are just here for the pretty girls. Hmm, I wonder. Ira Sedina is another exquisite young woman that I met in Russia. Here …

#Ira Sedina

Ira Sedina Shower Show

Hey gang. I’m traveling and photographing two wonderful women in Arizona this weekend. Sorry for the delay. I’ll post a shower video from this slippery update of Ira Sedina within the next 48 hours. Ira isn’t the most outwardly expressive, but if you’re like me, you didn’t notice that because you were too distracted by …