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#Julia Campos

Julia Campos Milkshake Cumbia

Julia Campos was having some sort of episode when she took us out for a milkshake. It wasn’t until we got back to the car that we discovered what it was all about. With certain women, you can immediately sense that they are trouble, but also a lot of fun. I get that feeling with …

#Julia Campos

Julia Campos Milkshake Bonus

Decided to bring you the full 6-minute video footage of Julia Campos raw and unedited. We see her struggle to contain herself at the café as she enjoys a milkshake, among other things. Then, Julia shows off her incredible figure while dancing and stripping back home. This one also seemed worthy of being its own …

#Julia Campos

Julia Campos DNA Printers Rule

Just another gorgeous girl from Colombia photographed by one of our contributors. In all honesty, I think Julia Campos could have been documented more thoroughly and with a stronger focus on narrative and tease. But then I thought to myself, Julia’s beauty and energy more than make up for any of my small gripes. Here’s …