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#Minka Giertz

Minka Giertz Middlesex 2

Here’s more of the incredible Minka Giertz looking fabulous in elegant black lingerie, along with a bonus video. It is kinda hard not to love her, so don’t even try. I want to thank everyone reading this for not being satisfied with mediocre smut. There are millions of free nudies on the internet, yet you …

#Minka Giertz

Minka Giertz Middlesex Gaps

I really enjoyed Middlesex. The novel follows one family across different eras and under some of the strangest circumstances. The topics of incest and hermaphroditism could have easily been used to shock the reader. And although their explorations are shocking, I am ultimately drawn in by the human and historical aspects of the narrative. I …

#Minka Giertz

Minka Giertz Has Bawls

Say hello to yet another natural beauty that you will not find on other sites. Minka Giertz’s bravery is on full display here with a visit to a popular Austin marketplace. If I was a real perv, I would spend my time in public trying to decipher which women have have opted to go braless …