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Nicole Ross Summer Goals

So I tell Nicole Ross, “If I’m going to shoot you in another one of your itty bitty bikinis, you’re gonna have to get in some water this time.” She agreed and we made our way into a resort’s pool of which we may or may not have been paid guests. I have a bad …

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Nicole Ross Five Star Review

Hi, sweet fellow humans. I am glad that you are here, reading this, looking at my silly photos. I really enjoy making them. This summer, I will not have the opportunity to travel and have international adventures like this one with Nicole Ross, but that is okay. I can not expect to win every battle. …

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Nicole Ross Five Star 2

Part two has arrived. Nicole Ross says she is shy. She has almost 400K followers on her Instagram where she mostly posts semi-nude photos of herself. She initially asked me to use a different name for her, but later decided to go with her regular moniker. Did I ever tell you how I often feel …

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Nicole Ross In Fancy Brats

Nicole Ross is a very posh Belarusian. She loves her skin tan and polished. She enjoys worldly travel and the feel of natural fur on her body. She admires men who wear carefully ironed pants and who comb their hair on a regular basis. Rules me out. I’m already married anyways and slowly devolving into …

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Nicole Ross Amber Alerts

It’s great to meet generous people who will let you borrow their amber store for risqué photos. This town is mostly built off of amber. Here, amber can make a family fortune, but it can also put you in prison or an early grave through its illegal and often dangerous acquisition. I do not personally …

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Nicole Ross Swimsuit Edition

I used to record the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit program that they would air on primetime network TV. Those were the good ol’ VCR days of my youth. Now, the young kids have it so easy. Nicole Ross brought with her two great, ultra-nothing bikinis. She made me photograph her in both of them, and …