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Reina Rae Girls and Pizza

Girls are like pizza. If you haven’t had any in a while, it sounds like an irresistible treat. Once you do get some, you have to take it slow. If you rush, you could end up hurting yourself (pizza mouth). One slice, “Ooh baby”. Another, “yum”. Another, “yessir”. Another, “I’m starting to get full”. Another, …

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Reina Rae Tucson After Dark

I meant to publish this update yesterday, but I am currently traveling across Europe. I will soon reach my destination, which may or may not welcome my western presence. We shall see. But after, there will be less snags in my schedule. Promise. Someone asked me, so you even have to work while on vacation? …

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Reina Rae Bodanical Pt 2

Another part two, this time of the all-natural, all-desirable Reina Rae. As you see, I had many extra photos of her from the day that just needed to be shared. There is also some ‘xtra’ content. Reina is another athletic specimen. She wrestled in high school and participates in BJJ. I was in speech and …

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Reina Rae Tucson Bodanical Garden

So disrespectful. These kids going to botanical gardens in their cheeky shorts with their little boobies falling out of a skimpy top. Reina Rae needs to get a real job, like bringing obese people their garbage food at a chain restaurant, or restocking shelves with imported Chinese plastic that will end up in the water …