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#Sasha Apex

Sasha Apex Reads Heinlein

Our finale with Sasha Apex has arrived. Since I photographed her, she got implants. Ladies, I’m sorry but I just can not stand bolt-on’s. Give me low-hanging flapjacks or a perfectly flat chest over some artificial substance surgically inserted under a woman’s skin. And in what fantasy world are Sasha’s natural breasts even close to …

#Sasha Apex

Sasha Apex Going Publix

WARNING! The man in the header photo of this update is a bonafide killer, as in buzz-killer. I assume he is the manager of this particular Publix supermarket, although we were not shown any official credentials. Guy walked right up to us and rudely asked us to leave the store. This injustice must not go …

#Sasha Apex

Sasha Apex For Gymshark

Sasha Apex spends a lot of time working on her body. She is fit and flexible. Her years of hard work have definitely paid off. I only go to the gym to take selfies and watch old Marvel movies in the cardio theater. Some people say this life is meaningless. Some people don’t take enough …

#Sasha Apex

Sasha Apex Five Percent Strawb

Winter freeze coming to my area. But I’m planning to add a bonus video to this update tomorrow. Hopefully, the power doesn’t go out and people don’t die and what not. Sasha Apex, a lot of personality. Opinionated. Probably doesn’t give a shit if you dislike her tats or her vaping or her piercings. And …

#Sasha Apex

Sasha Apex Textbook Florida

Sasha Apex believes that she is not appreciated on Zishy just because a few twats on here have left negative comments about her ink. I have urged her to ignore outdated critics that do not share her opinions on aesthetics and are unable to hold their tongue. Nonetheless, she blocked me. I am pretty sure …