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#Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones Miami Air Supply

‘Welcome to Miami, bitch’ is what Will actually told Chris right before his infamous slap. And now I understand. Miami plays by its own rules. It is in America, but barely. Surprisingly, this was my first time shooting in the city. Kelsey was around and finally without those cursed lash extensions, so I said “let’s …

#Jezebel Madd

Jezebel Madd in Powerful Pennsylvania

Jezebel Madd brought me to Pennsylvania. Immediately upon viewing her social media, I was enticed by Jezebel’s aggressive beauty. She’s done some bodybuilding. She knows her way around power tools, has personally remodeled several rooms of her home. Plus, she is effin’ beautiful and sexually adventurous. Jezebel drives a Buick from the nineties with a …

#Patsy Ford

Patsy Ford Tram Rights

Guys, I feel that I have misled you in some way and I am tired of carrying around all this guilt. I must make a shocking confession. I am trans. I was born a female. I wore dresses, played with dolls, tortured kittens, you know, everything that little girls normally do. But something never felt …