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#Zoey Luna

Zoey Luna Has Rich ‘Tudes

Every time that I meet up with Zoey Luna she has some interesting wardrobe item. One time it was these boots, which she explained were really expensive. Whatevers. Retail is for suckers. Then there was the time with this hat. “That hat looks so good, you don’t need to wear anything else.” With Zoey, sometimes …

#River Lynn

River Lynn Venice In Color 2

Back in Venice with River Lynn. Today, someone asked me if I plan to attend one of the annual adult conventions in LA this month. Unfortunately, no. In fact, networking and making friends has never been my thing. My sole purpose for the last decade-plus has been finding brave and beautiful women, like River, for …

#Samadhi Amour

Samadhi Amour Big Hearts

If there’s been one thing, or technically two, that has made me forget about politics, religion, finance, war, personal responsibility, my mental health–it’s been large natural breasts. I have dabbled with focusing on other aspects of life, and have had some short-lived success. But let’s be honest, what turns heads like an undeniable pair such …